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Infused IV Lounge in Horseshoe Bay, TEXAS

Welcome to Infused MedSpa + IV Lounge, where holistic eccentricity meets cutting-edge wellness. Discover a rejuvenating sanctuary that harmonizes the art of relaxation and the science of revitalization. Unveil a world where you’re well- being takes center stage, and a radiant, healthier you is just a drip away.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Today!

At Infused MedSpa + IV Lounge, we believe that true wellness encompasses both inner and outer beauty. Embrace the extraordinary and embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you.

Join us at our lounge and experience a harmonious blend of traditional wisdom and modern science. Whether you seek to boost your immune system, rehydrate after a night out, enhance your athletic performance, or simply relax and rejuvenate, our IV therapies and wellness treatments will exceed your expectations.

Elevate your wellness experience with us. Book your appointment now and immerse yourself in the world of Infused MedSpa + IV Lounge. Your well-being is our passion, and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey to holistic health and fulfillment.

Experience the Infused MedSpa + IV Lounge Difference Today!

Why Choose IV Therapy?

Instant Rehydration

IV therapy delivers essential fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream, ensuring rapid hydration and replenishment. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to newfound energy.

Boosted Immunity

Our tailored IV infusions are packed with immune-boosting nutrients, strengthening your body’s defenses and reducing the risk of illnesses.

Enhanced Recovery

Whether you’re recovering from intense exercise, jet lag, or a demanding week, IV therapy accelerates the healing process, allowing you to bounce back quickly.

Beauty From Within

Experience the glowing benefits of IV therapy on your skin, hair, and nails. Our carefully curated blends nourish your body, revealing a radiant complexion and promoting overall beauty.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our expert staff will customize IV infusions based on your unique requirements, ensuring you receive the precise blend of nutrients that align with your goals and health concerns.

Why Infused MedSpa + IV Lounge?

Holistic Approach

Embrace our eccentric yet comprehensive approach to wellness. We combine modern medicine with ancient practices to deliver transformative results for your mind, body, and spirit.

Luxurious Lounge Ambiance

Step into a realm of opulence and tranquility as you enter our in-house lounge. The soothing aesthetics and serene atmosphere will immediately transport you to a state of relaxation.

Expertly Trained Staff

Our team of experienced professionals includes licensed medical practitioners and wellness experts who are passionate about elevating your health and happiness.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Unravel a bespoke wellness journey crafted exclusively for you. We analyze your unique needs and aspirations to design personalized treatment plans that yield exceptional outcomes.

Innovative Treatments

Indulge in the latest and most effective treatments that seamlessly blend modern advancements with holistic healing, leaving you invigorated and revitalized.

Community of Wellness

Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals on a quest for holistic well-being.


Infused Meyers $200

This IV hydration therapy termed the “cocktail,” is named after its pioneer, Dr. John Myers. He extensively used it to treat various infections, illnesses, and allergies. The therapy has demonstrated its ability to alleviate multiple conditions and symptoms swiftly. The cocktail can facilitate numerous health benefits, such as restoring hydration, relieving discomfort and pain, and boosting the immune system with powerful antioxidants. Furthermore, it replenishes vital vitamin and mineral levels, including Vitamin B-complex, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Glutathione.

Myers + $300

Enriching the Myers cocktail with added Vitamin C and Glutathione doses introduces various benefits. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, not only boosts the immune system but also facilitates wound healing and aids iron absorption. Glutathione, recognized as the “master antioxidant,” combats harmful free radicals, assists body detoxification, and strengthens the immune system. These supplemental doses amplify these effects. Therefore, this enhanced Myers cocktail provides the usual advantages of hydration, symptom relief, and immune boost, and it also offers superior immune support and antioxidant action. This fortified combination truly stands out for those who appreciate the benefits (IYKYK – If You Know, You Know).

Restore $325

Our immune-boosting formula is designed to RESTORE your body’s engine. Optimized to bolster your immune system following a cold, flu, or other illness, Restore maximizes your body’s potential to fend off infections and viruses. This custom treatment can enhance energy, infuse antioxidants, build immunity, combat colds, and viruses, and detoxify the body. For those involved in sports or fitness activities like golf, marathons, or boot camp sessions, we also offer an athletic performance IV to replenish your body before or after strenuous exercise. This specially designed treatment aids fat synthesis, improves cardiovascular health, accelerates wound healing, boosts metabolism, soothes muscle cramps, and assists muscle contractions.

Performance + $725

“Performance + 500mg NAD+” is an IV therapy treatment designed to enhance physical performance and overall well-being. It likely includes a blend of performance-boosting compounds and 500mg of NAD+, a coenzyme crucial for energy metabolism and cell function. Potential benefits include improved cellular health, increased energy, and enhanced brain function. However, consultation with a healthcare provider is essential before starting such treatments.

Glow $325

Our rehydrating beauty treatment is a powerful solution to combat wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, and accelerated aging. While topical products and creams hydrate your skin externally, internal hydration proves even more effective in enhancing your outward appearance. This custom treatment aims to support collagen growth, which is fundamental for skin elasticity and health. Additionally, it assists in detoxifying your body, thereby promoting a clearer complexion. It also fosters cell renewal, leading to rejuvenated, youthful skin. Our holistic approach to skincare ensures you radiate beauty from the inside out.

Brainstorm $325

Our specialized treatment is designed to counteract irritability and dehydration-induced brain fog. It’s intended to replenish your body, restoring balance and clarity. This custom therapy does more than rehydrate. It aims to bolster the immune system, providing a line of defense against illness. Simultaneously, it infuses your body with antioxidants, combating oxidative stress and promoting overall health. Moreover, it’s designed to alleviate stress, fostering a sense of calm and well-being. Finally, it improves sleep patterns, ensuring your body gets the restorative sleep it needs.


NAD+, a naturally occurring compound, is pivotal in determining the aging rate of our cells. It’s integral to life-sustaining biological processes and plays a significant role in oxidative metabolism and lifespan extension. Fascinating research suggests that NAD+ may aid in safe withdrawal from addictive substances, battling anxiety and depression, managing acute and chronic stress effectively, and coping with PTSD more efficiently. The body’s ability to repair DNA damage is reduced as our NAD+ levels naturally decrease by over 50% as we age. By boosting NAD+ levels, we can maximize brain function, stimulate cell regeneration, combat fatigue, and slow aging. Hence, NAD+ supplementation is a prominent component of our Medspa treatments.

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